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Clarke: 'This DNC Seems to Be About Embracing Criminality'

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ISIS was not mentioned once during the 61 speeches delivered on Day 1 of the DNC in Philadelphia.

Sheriff David Clarke thinks that's because the Obama administration and the left in general fail to acknowledged the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

"The world is on fire," Sheriff Clarke said. "Everybody is being threatened by the Islamic State and the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, and the left continues to have their head in the sand."

Sheriff Clarke said that our country's policies on radical Islam will not change until we get a new president in office: Donald Trump.

"He has a sense of urgency about the threat of radical Islamic terrorism," Sheriff Clarke said. "He will appoint military commanders who understand it, he will listen to them, he'll appoint a secretary of Homeland Security that will do a lot better job of protecting the homeland with a different model than the current one, Jeh Johnson under President Barack Obama."

Sheriff Clarke also took issue with the left's stance on anti-police violence, pointing out that Day 2 of the DNC will feature speeches from several mothers of African-Americans who were killed by the police, including Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

"Compare and contrast that to the RNC's theme of 'Make America Safe Again,'" Sheriff Clarke said. "The DNC theme tonight is 'Compassion for Criminals.'"

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