Bernie Sanders supporters rallied outside the Wells Fargo Center where the Democratic National Convention was being held.

Fox Business reported the protesters saying that the DNC locked the Sanders delegates inside the media tent so that they wouldn't be able to talk to reporters.

The demonstrators could be heard chanting, "Free our delegates!"

More than a hundred Sanders supporters walked out of the arena after Hillary Clinton won the roll call vote making her the Democratic nominee for president.

A woman was filmed scaling a fence that was erected to keep demonstrators out.

One man spoke to reporter Jeff Flock, articulating the demonstrators' anger.

"We're raising the awareness about the democracy that was stolen through the Democratic Party, not by the fears of a Trump that will do these things. We have a Democratic Party that already did it. Look at the Wikileaks. Show them."

Flock asked if the man was not afraid of a Trump presidency.

"I'm afraid of a Democratic Party that's secretly taking our rights away, while we're scared of someone who is saying they're going to take our rights away."