Hegseth Confronts Flag-Burning Protesters: 'Why Do You Hate America?'

Officer to Flag-Burning RNC Protester: 'You're on Fire, Stupid!'

At the RNC in Cleveland last week, Pete Hegseth ventured into the anti-American protests and yesterday, he talked to some pro-marijuana demonstrators at the DNC in Philly.

Wearing his "Capitalist" t-shirt, the Iraq and Afghanistan veteran said he heard a lot of hot air amid the heatwave, but not so many facts. 

He asked around the smoke-filled rally, getting the participants' views on pot and on the benefits of socialism over capitalism. 

"Marijuana is like a glass of wine, you know what I mean? You're good after a glass of wine," one young woman explained.

One man had a Soviet flag... 


The man objected to Pete's American flag hat, calling it a symbol of racism and oppression.

Another pro-Sanders protester was confident that eventually, American capitalism will be a thing of the past. 


Hegseth pressed her on how much the top 1% should fork over in taxes.

"I'm not an economist," the woman answered.

Watch the segment above and tune in all week on Fox and Friends for much more from Philly!

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