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Charles Krauthammer weighed in on Democratic disunity at the national convention, saying that the Hillary Clinton camp is holding its breath over what Bernie Sanders' delegates will do, and whether or not they'll boo Clinton.

He said the situation is a "huge lost opportunity" for the Clinton camp.

"I don't think it has huge long range effects, but the opportunity of a convention is you've got four days, the entire attention of the country to make your case. And every minute that you're not making the case for the nominee is a lost opportunity."

He said that people talked about the booing at the RNC, but pointed out that that booing was when Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump.

"The booing that we've heard for the first day and a half [of the DNC] has been for people who endorsed the nominee. That is a far more serious split." 

Watch the commentary above.

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