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Greg Gutfeld weighed in on hardcore Bernie Sanders supporters called out at the DNC last night by comedian Sarah Silverman for "being ridiculous."

Gutfeld said those supporters shouldn't be upset, because they now have "Hernie" -- a fusion of Hillary Clinton and Sanders' progressive agenda.

"Hernie is Hillary aping Bernie - embracing a progressive platform that's now 90% more progressive. It's left-wing Raisin Bran with two extra scoops of socialism."

Gutfeld said the Democratic Party at the DNC is now nothing but a "slab of left-wing populism, democratic socialism and vile identity politics."

As for Silverman, Gutfeld said the "sad comic...relied on tired old jokes - and I don't mean Al Franken."

"So she's calling them ridiculous. That's like Big Bird calling someone yellow and feathery."

Watch the monologue above, and use hashtag #RoadtoPhilly to keep up with The Five gang throughout the DNC.

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