On Episode 7 of Legends & Lies: The Patriots, we saw the riveting story of Francis Marion, the father of modern guerrilla warfare.

The ingenuity and innovation of a few daring soldiers created a new type of warfare that tipped the scales in favor of the American Patriots.

Rallying local civilians, Marion led a guerilla assault on the British - earning the nickname "Swamp Fox."

The often-overlooked military officer halted the British advance in the South, forcing them to retreat north ... toward General Washington and his waiting army at Yorktown.

In the clip above, see one example of a tactic pioneered by Marion to great effect. 

On the next episode, the newly-sovereign nation of America faces a crisis of government and Washington is forced to come out of retirement to rescue the country once again. Make sure to watch Legends & Lies: The Patriots on Sunday at 8:00pm ET on Fox News Channel!

Legends & Lies is narrated by executive producer Bill O'Reilly and produced by Warm Springs Productions, which is known for such programs as The History Channel’s "Mountain Men," Animal Planet’s "American River Renegades" and HGTV’s "Log Cabin Living."

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Sunday, July 31: President George Washington - Forged In Conflict

Sunday, August 7: Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr - Deadly Division

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