WATCH: Crowd Erupts, Boos Sanders for Telling Them to Vote for Hillary

'I May Vote Trump': Pro-Bernie Protesters Furious After Hillary Hires DNC Chair

Brit Hume weighed in on chaos within the Democratic Party as the party's national convention gets underway, beginning last week with the leaking of Democratic National Committee emails.

That led to the resignation of party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the booing of Bernie Sanders when he restated his support for Hillary Clinton, whose campaign Schultz immediately joined after resigning.

"The truth is that the Democrats are badly split," Hume said. "Party leaders did not want the nomination to go to a crotchety old socialist who isn't even a Democrat. Hard to blame them for that. But they were and are deathly afraid of so alienating his hardcore left supporters that they don't back the nominees this fall."

"They'll be deeply relieved if tonight isn't totally dominated by the cheering of Sanders and the booing of his support for the ticket."

He says the situation bears similarity to the dilemma that faced Republicans with Donald Trump; the difference is that in the end, the GOP chose not to avoid nominating the candidate their leaders were afraid of.

"Yet today, at least, that guy is ahead in the polls."

Watch the commentary above.

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