Hegseth Confronts Flag-Burning Protesters: 'Why Do You Hate America?'

Officer to Flag-Burning RNC Protester: 'You're on Fire, Stupid!'

At the RNC in Cleveland last week, Pete Hegseth ventured into the anti-American protests, where some demonstrators were arrested after burning American flags. 

This week, the Afghanistan and Iraq War veteran talked to some Philadelphia police officers who are getting ready for the influx of crowds and protesters amid a heatwave that will have temperatures in the mid-90s all week.

Hegseth noted what a phenomenal job the police in Cleveland did and explained that some Philly officers he talked to expressed concern that there's a "target" on their backs. 

One female officer said they are confident in their preparations, but acknowledged the anxiety right now among officers. 

Another officer told Hegseth that it's not about "Black Lives Matter" or "Blue Lives Matter," it's truly "All Lives Matter." He lamented that there is not the same outrage over a black child murdered in the streets of Philly. 

An officer said the police department has been coordinating with protest groups for months, but there is concern about "outside agitators" - usually wearing masks - that want to stir up trouble and confrontations. 

Watch the segment above. 

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