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Sheriff David Clarke reacted to Sen. Cory Booker's speech at the Democratic convention, saying Booker "talked all around a big problem for the Democrats - and that is their flawed candidate, Mrs. Bill Clinton."

Clarke said Booker talked as if the way Clinton "left people to die in Benghazi...wasn't there."

"That stuff matters to the American people," he said.

Clarke said the stark contrast with the Republicans is that Trump is the "law and order" candidate, while "this DNC seems to be about embracing criminality and criminal behavior, trying to mainstream criminal behavior."

He said the Democrats want to hold up black men shot by police "as if they're martyrs, and symbols of the new civil rights movement."

Megyn Kelly mentioned that Michael Brown's mother will speak at the DNC Tuesday night, which is controversial because the DOJ concluded that her son died as a result of his aggression toward police Officer Darren Wilson.

Clarke said the common denominator of black men who've been killed by police is that they were all resisting arrest.

Watch the segment above, and Booker's full speech below.

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