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Dr. Ben Carson says leaked emails that reveal top officials with the Democratic National Committee discussing how to undermine Bernie Sanders are further proof that the system is rigged.

"I knew that there was corruption, but the level of corruption throughout the political system is overwhelming. And I’m talking about the established Democrats and the established Republicans who are much more interested in holding on to power and their positions than they are about their party or about their country," Carson said on "Fox and Friends" this morning. "This is really very sad, and I hope that more people will wake up and see what’s happening."

Carson said that the Republicans are corrupt, but the DNC is "completely corrupt," which is why Donald Trump was able to break through in the GOP, while Sanders was undermined by the Democrats.

He said it was particularly troubling to see DNC officials emailing about how to attack Sanders' religion - or alleged lack thereof.

"We have freedom of religion, people fought and died so we can have that," Carson said. "We need to protect all of our citizens. That is really the key when we talk about liberty and justice for all."

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