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A Texas police officer is going viral after he was caught on camera going above and beyond the call of duty.

Sgt. Stephen Wick, who is part of the Houston Police Department's Homeless Outreach Team, was photographed getting down on his knees to help clean the feet of a homeless.

Wick told Inside Edition that he has gotten to know the man, whose name is Quintus, over the past year through his work with the team.

Wick revealed that Quintus is 75 years old and suffers from glaucoma, which has left him mostly blind.

Earlier this month, Wick and his partner saw Quintus walking the streets and quickly realized that he need some help.

They took him to a safe area near the Homeless Outreach headquarters, and saw that he was in pain as he walked.

"His toenails were so long they were cutting into his feet," Wick said. "You just feel compassion for the man, so you want to help him."

Wick said he's no stranger to cutting someone else's toenails, since his elderly mother suffers from dementia and he takes care of her.

So he offered to do it for Quintus!

Wick's partner snapped a photo of him in action, and it's quickly gone viral on the Houston Police Officers' Union Facebook page.

Wick said that he and his partner have since been working to help Quintus get off the streets.

"Quintus is old and blind and he needs an advocate and that’s what we’re doing for him," Wick said. "We will work with him until we can get him off the street."

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