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Pastor Mark Burns brought the house down at the Republican National Convention on Thursday with his powerful declaration, "All lives matter!"

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning, Burns explained why he believes Donald Trump is the candidate who best represents that vision.

"There's a way to overcome this divisive rhetoric, so that we're not pitting our brother and sister against each other," Burns said. "There has to be a message of unity, a message that's bringing us together."

He said that Trump is the one who's delivering that message, focusing on issues like jobs and national security, which affect Americans of every color, gender and background.

"These are issues that transcend just race," Burns said. "We [need to] stop describing ourselves with adjectives before who we are. Right now, I'm probably the 'black pastor' that supports Donald Trump."

"The moment we start removing those adjectives that describe us and start looking at ourselves as just Americans, [that's] the moment we can begin to eliminate racism in this country."

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" interview above.

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