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The mother of a police officer who was killed by an illegal immigrant explained on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning why she's such a strong supporter of Donald Trump.

Mary Ann Mendoza's son, Brandon, was killed in a head-on collision with a drunk-driving illegal immigrant in 2014, and Trump's message of "you are not alone" strikes a chord with her.

"His message resonates with me - everything that he has to say - because he's got his finger on what's going on in America," Mendoza said. "He understands ... regular citizens like myself. He's listened to our issues, he's taken them to heart."

She asserted that the liberal media and the Democrats want Americans to believe that our country doesn't face a major problem with illegal immigration.

"Unless we start waking up and realizing that there needs to be big changes in every aspect, I don't know what I'm going to be able to leave my children and my grandchildren," Mendoza said. "And that frightens me."

"Donald Trump is for the American people ... Hillary talks more about what she can do for illegals, what she can do for refugees, and Donald Trump talks about what he can do for Americans."

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