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This afternoon, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine made their first joint appearance since officially becoming running mates.

At a campaign event at Florida International University in Miami, Clinton took aim at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying that she will lay out a much different vision for the country at next week's Democratic National Convention.

Clinton said her campaign is about embracing diversity and "building bridges, not walls."

She said that Kaine is a tremendous partner not just because of his experience as a mayor, governor and senator, but because he shares her lifelong commitment to social justice.

"Tim has led on some of the most important issues facing our country, from voting rights to LGBT equality to criminal justice reform to comprehensive immigration reform," Clinton said to cheers from the crowd. "Together we're going to win this election and move this country forward!"

Kaine took the podium and expressed his gratitude to Clinton for selecting him and to all the Americans who have gathered behind the Clinton/Kaine campaign.

"Hillary Clinton is the direct opposite of Donald Trump," Kaine said. "She doesn't insult people, she listens to them ... She doesn't trash our allies, she respects them. And she'll always have our backs."

"I could not be any more honored to stand by Hillary's side in this very important campaign."

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