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Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" to react to the attack in Munich, Germany, that left nine victims dead.

"We have a continent at war," Gorka said, pointing out that there have been many recent attacks in Europe in France, Belgium and Germany.

"This is the new normal that we have to put up with, and the policies of the 'EU-crats' - the bureaucrats in Brussels and the politicians - have really facilitated this kind of attack and the exploitation by ISIS," Gorka said.

He explained that thousands of refugees have poured into Europe from the Middle East, largely unvetted, which enables ISIS to sneak in operatives and sympathizers.

"This is the new norm," Gorka stated.

He acknowledged that there is no confirmation that the Munich gunman was motivated by Islamist ideology, but he also dismissed the mainstream media's attempts to "excuse away" the attack by reporting that he was under psychiatric care.

"Let's try and not make excuses for these individuals and wait until we find out," Gorka said. "We know for a fact this man was a German-Iranian. I think that's more important than any other hypothesis about his mental state right now."

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