Rudy Reacts to Trump: 'Best Acceptance Speech I've Ever Seen!'

HIGHLIGHTS: Donald Trump Accepts the Republican Party's Nomination

Frank Luntz said there was one moment from Donald Trump's convention speech that truly stood out, that his focus group rated higher than anything that preceded it in the past four days.

That was when Trump talked about Hillary Clinton and corruption, specifically in regard to her emails.

"Republicans, Independents and Democrats dialed it through the roof," Luntz said.

Said one panelist who entered the RNC "Never Trump":

"I'm 39 years old. That was the best speech by a presidential candidate I've heard in my entire life. And I don't say that lightly, 'cause I've heard them all."

Another panelist who came in supporting Bernie Sanders is now going Trump. He said:

"I feel patriotism. I feel completely safe. I feel there is love of country, and with a leader like Donald Trump who believes in the people, the chaos in this country will turn to unity."

And then another "Never Trump" voter said that he's not going to let one speech dictate the rest of the campaign:

"He's lied before. He always called Ted 'Lyin' Ted.' He's been caught in quite a few."

Watch more of the focus group's reactions above.

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