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TUNE IN: 'Fox News Reporting' Examines Hillary Clinton's 'Left Turn'

As the Democratic National Committee prepares for next week's convention, Wikileaks has just released more than 19,000 emails sent to and from top DNC officials.

Stephen Hayes said on Special Report that based on reports so far there's a clear pattern of DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC "thumbing the scales" in favor of Hillary Clinton and coming up with ways to "thwart" former Democratic rival Bernie Sanders.

Hayes said these revelations have the potential to dampen the support of Sanders supporters for Clinton.

Monica Crowley said the release plays into what Donald Trump has been talking about in his continuing appeal to Sanders supporters that the "system is rigged."

"One of the things Trump kept talking about last night was 'We are going to not only defeat her but we are going to defeat the corrupt, rigged system.'"

Watch the discussion above.

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