The amazing bravery of two police officers was on display in the heart of New York City on Thursday morning.

When a man tossed a suspicious device - first thought to be a bomb - into an NYPD vehicle (video above), the two officers inside thought only of protecting the innocent bystanders all around them. 

Officer Peter Cybulski and Sgt. Hameed Armani, who were hailed as heroes of the city by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, spoke at a press conference.

The New York Post reported:

“We both looked at each other and we knew exactly what the other was thinking without even having to say it,” Cybulski said at a press conference this morning. “[It was] a very crowded area, multiple children around, multiple families around. We’re not going to let this take out someone else with us, multiple casualties.”

The two cops started “praying,” according to Armani, a 10-year veteran of the department who immigrated from Afghanistan.

“I was nervous. [Cybulski] looked at me and said ‘Boss, what are we doing?,” Armani said.”’ I said ‘we’re driving, alright.’” Halfway through we said our prayers to each other and I was like, alright, if it happens it happens. I’m not going to stop here.”

Surveillance video shows a driver throw the object into the officers' passenger side window and drive away. The crude device was also making noise as Armani sped the vehicle away from the crowded area.

"We were scared, we thought we were gone. But we weren't going to put others in danger," Cybulski said.

Armani grabbed it and put it on the ground away from civilians on 6th Avenue. 

Around 1 in the morning Thursday, the device was declared to be a hoax after a bomb squad arrived. The device was actually a red candle and battery-powered lantern, wrapped in tin foil and cloth.

Police officers nearby quickly found the suspect's SUV and after a standoff, took him into custody. 

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Hector Meneses, 52 years old and from Queens, has no psychiatric history or past criminal offenses, police said. 

A roommate and an ex-landlord were both at a loss to explain Meneses' alleged actions. 

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