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Charles Krauthammer reacted to Donald Trump's big convention speech last night, saying that the GOP nominee was short on specifics.

"He basically said, 'I'm the only one, I can do it. I will do x, I will do y.' But he never connected the 'I' to the action and the policies that would support the action," Krauthammer said.

Bret Baier countered that Trump got more specific than he had in other speeches, noting that the nominee talked about the first 100 days of his presidency and repealing the Johnson Amendment.

Krauthammer responded to that by giving the "most outstanding example" -- Trump's vow to eliminate all crime.

"You can't name a single society in the history of the world...that has eliminated crime and violence. That was a blanket statement. There were ten ways in which that could have been softened and made more plausible, if nothing else, and he never said how but he did say 'I'm the one.'"

Watch the commentary above.

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