As Donald Trump accepted the Republican Party's nomination last night in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren had some harsh reactions. 

Clinton, who's expected to unveil her VP choice ahead of the DNC next week, live-tweeted as Trump spoke. 

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She highlighted a complimentary statement about her from Trump four years ago. 

Called out one of his past statements about pregnant women...

Pointed to him saying in 2004 that the economy is better off under Democrats, than Republicans. 

And pushed back after Trump vowed to protect LGBT Americans against threats from terrorists.

Sanders was watching from what appeared to be his living room and tweeting along.

The socialist senator rejected Trump's call for his supporters to vote for Trump because of his ideas on trade deals. 

And he slammed Trump for refusing to mention climate change in his address.

Meantime, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren trashed Trump in an interview with Stephen Colbert, saying Trump sounded like a "two-bit dictator."

She argued that Trump's tax proposal would give him about a $1.3 million tax cut and that he "takes care of Donald Trump first, last and everything in between."

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