Trump Reacts to Cruz's Non-Endorsement

Cruz Calls for 'Return to Freedom'

Sen. Ted. Cruz (R-TX) is not backing down this morning following his address to the RNC in which he drew boos by failing to endorse Donald Trump. 

Cruz spoke to Texas delegates in Cleveland this morning, taking questions, including one from a delegate who yelled that he should "support the party!" 

"I didn't say, support Donald Trump. I said, support the party! The party has spoken!" the man said. (video above)

Cruz said he would not have a "screaming match," maintaining that he believes in "treating people with civility and respect." 

He said that the GOP must "stand for shared principle or we're not worth anything."

Cruz said that if a Republican stands against leadership, they scream "support the team!" 

"[They say] 'sit down, shut up, just support the team' and damn it, if that's the price, I ain't gonna do it. I'm gonna honor the commitments I made to the voters instead." 

Later in the speech, the crowd chanted "USA" after a delegate spoke. 

Cruz said he has spent "every waking moment" in the Senate fighting for the people and to "honor the promises" he made.

He said the country is at a "precipice" and that Republicans should not be "blindly chanting a name and yelling down dissenters." (video below)

Cruz emphasized that the dominant single word in his address last night was freedom and that the GOP can win in November with that message. 

He said if the "dominant word" in the campaign is "Trump, Hillary or email server," Republicans will lose.

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