Fox News' Pete Hegseth ventured into the anti-American protests outside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. 

Hegseth, an Army National Guard veteran who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, attempted to find some rationale among the angry demonstrators for burning American flags.

One man who said he was a veteran of Afghanistan refused to answer questions from Hegseth. 

Another protester said "F*** you and America" when asked why he hates the flag. 

Hegseth: Why don't you go somewhere else if you hate America?

Hegseth countered: "Yeah, why would he go anywhere else when he could stay in the greatest country on Earth where he has the freedom to do just this? Where cops that he claims are killers are the ones that protect him!"

Hegseth said most had no coherent argument for their anti-American and anti-police sentiments. 

"They have no rationale. If you challenge them, they freak out," he explained on Fox and Friends.

Watch the compelling segment above.

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