Hegseth Confronts Flag-Burning Protesters: 'Why Do You Hate America?'

Bullies Stole This Little Boy's Shoes, But 2 Local Officers Had His Back

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke discussed the flag-burning protests happening outside the Republican National Convention, praising the way police officers have handled the situation and slamming the agitators.

Two officers were assaulted and several people have been arrested in the protest yesterday, but so far there has not been the chaos that had been predicted.

Clarke told Your World that we shouldn't expect to see restraint from protesters as long as "liberal mouthpieces" in the media and Washington continue to tolerate the "massive anti-police rhetoric that's been sweeping this country."

"It's taken people that already have rage and resentment in them and they're playing that out on the American police officer," Clarke said.

He responded to word that Amnesty International had sent monitors to Cleveland to watch for bad behavior from police. Clarke said the narrative against police is backwards.

"The country's upside down right now. The cops have been made out to be the bad guys. The criminals, the crooks, the law-breakers are now victims in this. The whole narrative is flipped up on its head."

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