Two kindhearted Ohio police officers provided a pick-me-up to a little boy whose shoes were stolen by bullies.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office explained on Facebook that the boy had to wear his grandmother's shoes to school, leading to kids making fun of him. 

The two deputies decided to act after hearing that the boy had skipped school to avoid the taunts.

"They took up a collection within the district and drove the boy to Foot Locker where he was told to pick out any pair of gym shoes he wanted. You can see he's elated and hugging our Deputy," police said.

The sheriff said he wanted to share the story to show that these types of things are done all the time by officers, but people don't necessarily hear about it. 

"In a time when nationally some want to bash police and portray us all in a negative light, I hope people realize THIS is the face of law enforcement!" said Sheriff Jim Neil. 

"This is just one of countless stories of caring Deputies dedicated to going above and beyond for the citizens we serve."

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