Teens Used 'Pokémon GO' App to Lure Victims and Rob Them at Gunpoint

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A police officer's body camera captured the moment an SUV - driven by a distracted Pokemon hunter - slammed into his patrol car. 

Luckily, the Baltimore officers were not in the car at the time, having just responded to a 911 call. 

They were just a few steps from the vehicle when the driver of the Toyota RAV4 hit the back of the parked car at a high speed.

Police said the driver got out of his vehicle and showed the officers his phone, then told them, “That’s what I get for playing this dumb a** game."

The driver also told police he was "so sorry"

No one was hurt in the crash, though Baltimore police stressed that the driver's actions could have easily had fatal consequences.

This should probably go without saying, but please do not play Pokemon Go while driving.

This incident over the weekend came just days after two men fell off a cliff above a San Diego beach while looking for Pokemons.

Watch the video above.

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