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Ted Cruz was interrupted at a rally with his supporters by Donald Trump's impeccably-timed jet.

The Texas senator was speaking to over 1,200 of his volunteers and backers at a spot along the Cleveland waterfront, congratulating them for the campaign.

"In an amazing campaign field of 17 talented, dynamic candidates, we beat 15 of those candidates," he told them. "We just didn't beat 16."

Then, just after he said, "Our party now has a nominee," Trump's jet with "TRUMP" emblazoned on the side cut across the sky as it came in for a landing.

Some members of the crowd booed, but it elicited a laugh from Cruz.

"That was pretty well orchestrated!" he said.

"Jeff, did you email them to fly the plane right when I said that?" he asked his former campaign manager, Jeff Roe.

Cruz will speak tonight at the Republican National Convention but is not expected to officially endorse Trump.

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