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A couple desperate to find their lost wedding ring were saved by a kind stranger on Facebook.

Brandon Potter and his wife Debbie realized the ring was missing after a full day at the beach in Long Island, New York. When their searching failed to turn up the ring, Brandon posted to about 10 local Facebook groups as a "Hail Mary."

He was touched by the response, as so many people shared the post and showed their compassion. A few of the people who reached out had metal detectors, including Mike Jandris.

Mike said he would be there in 35 minutes. He arrived, and within 5 minutes of searching with his metal detector, they found the ring.

Brandon praised Mike on Facebook, calling him a "true friend" and "hero" to him and his wife.

"This blew my mind, this guy who has never met me or my wife is willing to help us find her ring, let alone drive out of his way to help," he wrote.

"He truly is a hero to me and my wife. I told him to please add me on Facebook because only a true friend would drive out of their way to help someone find a ring!"

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