Police in Tennessee say a woman stole the wallet from a crash victim, then used his credit card at a convenience store instead of calling 911. 

Brittney McCoy, 26, of Greenbrier, was arrested last week and charged with burglary, tampering with evidence, theft of property and fraudulent use of a credit card. 

Robertson County Jail

Police say McCoy was the first person to spot the July 1 pickup truck crash outside her home. 

Ronald Lewis Clinard, 67, died in the crash. Authorities said it's unclear if Clinard was still alive when McCoy arrived on the scene and took his wallet. 

The Tennessean reported

“She claimed she found it lying by a tree,” the chief said. “To my knowledge, she didn’t try to help the victim. Another gentleman, the second person on the scene, was the one who called for help. He tried to care for the gentleman in the car, hold his head up and help all he could until the paramedics got there.”

Investigators believe McCoy took Clinard’s wallet before the other person arrived on the scene, while Clinard was incapacitated, police said. They also think others may have been involved and are continuing their investigation into that possibility, the Friday release noted.

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Police said they're looking into whether a pistol was also taken.

Clinard's credit card was used to buy beer, cigarettes and other items, police said, explaining that surveillance video captured McCoy making the purchases. 

She was arrested six days later and is being held on $37,000 bond. McCoy also pleaded guilty to a probation violation while in custody. 

Greenbrier Police Chief K.D. Smith said he has never come across a case like this in 30 years on the job. 

"I’ve never seen anything this devastating. She had a total disregard for the deceased individual and his family," he said.

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Family members said Clinard was an Air Force veteran who leaves behind a wife, three children and eight grandkids.

Clinard's daughter said when she arrived at the crash scene, McCoy offered her condolences and claimed that the driver of the truck had died in her arms. 

Read more on McCoy's first court appearance yesterday, here.

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