Mike Pence Speaks at RNC: 'Together We Will Make America Great Again'

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Several members of Frank Luntz's panel of undecided voters responded very favorably to Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence's speech tonight.

Panel members said the Indiana governor represented Midwestern values and brought "balance" to the Trump ticket.

One panelist said he trusts Trump more with Pence being alongside him.

Another member said he was reminded of Kennedy and Reagan and the country he grew up with.

"He said, 'We are a wounded nation and with God we will heal this country.' This is like the America I group in. I had that Reagan moment, or that Kennedy moment. I felt like an American again."

However, a couple panelists said that as much as they liked Pence, they didn't feel comfortable with Trump being number one.

Still, ten panelists indicated that they moved closer toward supporting Trump.

"It's a good night for the GOP," Luntz said. "It's a good night for Donald Trump."

Watch the full panel reaction from Hannity above.

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