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Ted Cruz is delivering a much-anticipated address tonight at the Republican National Convention, and Charles Krauthammer thinks it could have major implications for his political future.

"Tonight is going to be the kickoff of his 2020 campaign," Krauthammer said. "It's going to be his announcement speech."

He explained that Cruz is trying to replicate "line by line" the events of 1976, when Ronald Reagan was the runner-up to Gerald Ford in the Republican primary.

Krauthammer said that Reagan used his speech at the RNC that year to present himself as the Republican candidate in the next election, while at the same time endorsing Ford.

"The big suspense here is, will there be an open endorsement of Trump? Will there be sort of an implied endorsement?" Krauthammer said. "I think Cruz would be wise to go the Reagan road."

"This is clearly the beginning of his campaign for next run."

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