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With all the division in the country right now, here's a story that will restore your faith in humanity.

When a Black Lives Matter activist in Kansas told the Wichita Police Department that he was planning a protest, Chief Gordon Ramsay had a better idea: a cookout.

The First Step Cookout was held on Sunday and was meant to bridge the divide between the citizens - many of whom are African-American - and the police department.

Baptist Pastor T. Lamont Holder described the event as “a model that the nation should follow.”

"It’s an amazing turnout," local activist AJ Bohannon said. "I’m definitely blessed to be a part of something like this and to be able to spearhead something like this in this community."

Chief Ramsay said that he hopes other police departments will hold similar events.

“It takes two parties to make a healthy relationship,” he explained.

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