We usually see Judge Jeanine Pirro in the anchor's chair weekends on Justice, but on Monday, the judge hit the streets of Cleveland on a motorcycle! 

Clad in black leather biker gear, the Fox News host went out for a ride with "Bikers 4 Trump," an organization made up largely of veterans and ex-law enforcement officers. 

She said on Fox and Friends this morning that the head of the organization, Chris Cox, is fighting for a bill that would protect veterans monuments from being affected by federal budget cuts. 

"I was impressed with those guys. There's no ego there," she said, adding that the bikers are not there to be confrontational. 

She said Cox advised the bikers to call police if anyone started any trouble with them. 

Check it out in the videos above and below.

The bikers rode to Cleveland for the RNC, vowing to support Trump in the face of protesters and show their support for police officers.