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House Speaker Paul Ryan made a show of unity at the Republican National Convention, letting the audience know where he'd be found at the next State of the Union.

"I don’t know where Joe Biden and Barack Obama will be. But you’ll find me right there on the rostrum with Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump.”

Ryan said the Democrats are offering a third Obama term "brought to you by another Clinton."

He said Democratic convention will be four days of "politically correct moralizing."

However, he warned that Republicans can't just win elections off Democratic failures, and have to campaign off its conservative principles.

Ryan roused the crowd at the end of his speech, calling for unity and expressing the importance of the election.

"It is all on the let's act that way." He called on the crowd to "unify this party" and to compete "in every part of America."

"What we have begun here, let's see this thing through, let's win this thing."

Watch the speech above.

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