See the Moment Donald Trump Wins the Republican Nomination

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Omarosa, Donald Trump's director of African-American outreach, spoke to Greta Van Susteren fresh after the candidate officially won the Republican nomination.

Van Susteren asked the former "Apprentice" contestant how either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton could relate to struggling middle-class voters.

"Neither one of those in recent years has had to worry about something like college tuition, or even paying a heating bill or an air conditioning bill, or paying for an elderly parent who's sick. How do you reach the middle class to say he gets it?"

Omarosa said that the common denominator Trump shares with everyone is his love of family and being a father and grandfather.

She added that there is no disconnect between Trump's financial status and his relating to regular Americans.

"At the end of the day Donald Trump is an American, and he wants to see all Americans rise, not just one party over another."

The Youngstown, Ohio, native also had some critical words for Gov. John Kasich, who sat out of the convention.

"You know, he made a pledge that he'd be here. And I think on behalf of all Ohioans we're disappointed because he is man of his word traditionally. But in this one case he said that he would stand behind the nominee and yet we look around in this arena and there is no Kasich, and I think that's that's a shame that he is not standing by the pledge he made to the American people."

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