Melania Trump is being accused of lifting portions of her primetime RNC address from the remarks delivered by Michelle Obama at the 2008 Democratic convention.

The Trump campaign has denied the accusations of plagiarism.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who will address the convention tomorrow, called the outcry "insanity," and said that Mrs. Trump "hit it out of the park" last night.

Speaking to Bill Hemmer in Cleveland this morning, Gingrich said he was watching the speech at another network and the commentators there were "stunned" at how well she did. 

Gingrich said the media never "beat up" President Obama for lifting portions of a 2008 speech from former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. 

He also pointed back to Joe Biden ending his presidential campaign in 1988 because he "stole" a speech from a British Labour Party leader.

"If they were the same words, I would argue Melania delivered them a heck of a lot better than Michelle. So Michelle ought to look at the videotape to see what a really great delivery of those words was," said Gingrich. 

He also said that Melania "set the benchmark" for Bill Clinton and believes she'll win with the American people on the question of which should be "First Spouse."

Watch his comments above.

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