Ryan: 'At the Next SOTU, You'll Find Me With VP Pence & Pres Trump'

Watch Chris Christie Literally Make the Point-by-Point Case Against Hillary

Donald Trump Jr. addressed the Republican National Convention, telling the audience that for his generation, "this is most important election of our lifetime."

"We have actually started to believe that solving our great problems is an impossible task," he said. "That is why we need to elect a man who has a track record of accomplishing the impossible."

"Impossible is just the starting point," he added.

Trump Jr. said his father would be "a president who doesn’t have to run a focus group or use data analytics to be able to form an opinion… who says what needs to be said, and not just what you want to hear."

He said that when his father is elected, "we'll have made America great again - greater than ever before."

Watch the speech above.

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