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"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson spoke this evening at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Robertson, who's long been a Donald Trump supporter, said he has several things in common with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee: They're both businessmen, they've both had hit TV shows and they both have intelligent wives who are much better looking than they are.

He said that Trump is a better candidate than Hillary Clinton because he understands everyday Americans.

"If you’re a serviceman fighting overseas or a cop keeping us safe at home, Donald Trump will have your back," Robertson said. "If you’re an average American who feels like you’ve been forgotten, neglected by far away leaders, that the deck is stacked against you and you just can’t win, Donald Trump will have your back."

"Donald Trump will always, always, tell you the truth as he sees it. And that's why we can trust him to make America great again as our next president."

Watch some of Robertson's remarks above.

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