The Real Story aired police scanner traffic from the moments after a gunman opened fire on police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday, killing three officers.

"Shots fired. Officer down!" one officer yelled. 

"I'm hit. ... Left arm," said another officer.

"[Shooter] is not in sight. Possible sniper," an officer said. 

An officer who was shot in the head remains in critical condition, Will Carr reported this afternoon. 

Another officer who suffered a non-life-threatening wound was released from the hospital today.

Watch the report above, including the latest on the gunman. 

Carr said investigators are trying to sort through evidence from social media about Gavin Long, 29. Carr noted that there were many fictitious accounts that popped up after authorities released the identity of the gunman. 

Long was a former Marine from Kansas City and may have spent time in Dallas recently.

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