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A former leader of the New Black Panther Party faced off with Megyn Kelly over police shootings and the recent assassinations of officers.

Malik Shabazz, who's currently president of the organization Black Lawyers for Justice, disputed that he said that he understood how the Dallas cop-killer could be called a "hero." He said he was opposed to the blood of young black men being spilled in the streets.

When he mentioned Michael Brown, Kelly interjected, saying that Brown was the aggressor.

"Do you understand that at least five black witnesses came forward in that case to say that Michael Brown was the aggressor on Officer Darren Wilson?" Kelly asked.

Shabazz said Brown was unarmed, causing Kelly to reply, "He was unarmed until he tried to steal the cop's gun."

Shabazz then said Kelly's "attitude is part of the problem."

"I have no attitude but to uphold the truth," Kelly said.

Shabazz said that Kelly held a position of "white supremacy, white privilege," which blamed unarmed black men for shooting deaths by cops.

"For the record, I'm not a white supremacist," Kelly said, with a laugh.

Shabazz also said he didn't agree that some police shootings were justified.

"So there's no reasoning with you," Kelly said.

The discussion got more heated as Kelly grilled Shabazz over some past inflammatory comments about whites and Zionist Jews.

Watch the segment above.

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