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As America faces internal and external threats, how can we keep the country secure?

That's the question the next president must be able to answer, Greg Gutfeld said on "The Five" today.

"Recent months have been a game of ping pong between Islamism and attacks on police," Gutfeld said, pointing to the horrific incidents in Orlando, Dallas and now Baton Rouge.

He added, "Terror and attacks on police share a common desire: to dismantle civilization."

Gutfeld said the next president must be able to prioritize threats, to see that ISIS is a greater danger than climate change, and the debate over transgender bathrooms must take a backseat to jihadists.

"Safety won’t be achieved through the coddling of identity hucksters demanding protection from the loathsome behavior they encourage," Gutfeld said. "Ask yourself this: Who among our choices exhibit the temperament, drive and attention span needed to focus on security, and who will listen to those who know the threats?"

"Because more of the same is not an option, and, frankly, one of our options could be really worse."

Watch the co-hosts of "The Five" react above.

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