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Donald Trump Jr. joined Sean Hannity to discuss an eventful day one of the Republican National Convention.

He said that his father is running a campaign, but leading a movement, and that's why he's going to be the next president of the United States.

"It takes someone who hasn't been caught up in the same old nonsense, who hasn't lived that lifestyle of just trying to be a politician and appease everyone," Trump said.

He said that the apologist nature of the Obama administration is why we're facing the problems that we are now at home and abroad.

He pointed out that there's been a troubling increase in terror attacks around the world and attacks on law enforcement officers in the U.S., yet the current administration has not changed their policy of "left-wing pandering."

"I can't even understand it as an American," Trump said. "I can usually put the shoe on the other foot and make an argument. I can't even come up with a logical concept for this. It's crazy."

"Weak leaders in a position of power don't usually work."

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