Donald Trump & Mike Pence Make First Appearance as GOP Running Mates

Pence: 'Trump Understands the American People Like No Leader Since Reagan'

'The Alternative's Hillary Clinton': Trump Says RNC Is About Uniting the GOP

Pastor Mark Burns, who is a Donald Trump supporter and a speaker at the Republican National Convention, says that Trump is the presidential candidate for Christian conservative voters.

On "Fox and Friends" this morning, Burns explained that Hillary Clinton would continue with Obama administration's policies, which have taken away Christians' religious liberties.

"I love Donald Trump because he speaks his mind," Burns said. "He has been a candidate since day one that said Christianity is under attack, our religious liberties are under attack. He's the type of a person that if he says it, you can pretty much bank that he really believes it in his heart, whether you like it or not."

Burns said that Trump's decision to select Indiana Gov. Mike Pence - a true Christian and conservative - as his running mate was the missing ingredient that will unify the Republican Party.

"He is the Christian conservative candidate. America, if you're a Christian, if you're a conservative, this is the party you need to be voting for."

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