Krauthammer: Obama's Reliance on Diplomacy Is 'Almost Pathetic'

Peters Slams Obama for Siding With 'Islamist Authoritarian' in Turkey Coup

At least three law enforcement officers were killed and three others injured in a shooting Sunday in Baton Rouge, officials said.

Judge Jeanine Pirro told Harris Faulkner this afternoon that the terrible attack is another reminder that law enforcement officers are now targets.

"With five cops shot in Dallas and now three in Baton Rouge, it is an attempt at anarchy," Judge Jeanine said. "My fear is that the attempt to kill cops - and the killing of cops - is now becoming normalized. It's now becoming legitimized."

She said that it all starts at the top with President Obama, who all too often sides with criminals and anti-police activists instead of law enforcement.

"The police officers - as everyone has said - are one line of defense between a civilized society and anarchy."

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