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With the Republican National Convention set to get underway in Cleveland on Monday, Frank Luntz appeared on "Fox and Friends" to lay out what needs to be accomplished to make it a successful convention.

Luntz told Brian Kilmeade the first thing Donald Trump must do is exhibit his presidential abilities.

"He's got to demonstrate an ability to lead. He's got to demonstrate an ability to set a tone for the country," Luntz said. 

Luntz said it's also vitally important that there is unity across the multiple ideologies that make up the GOP

He explained that getting social conservatives back onboard will be a major focus, which is why convention speaker Ted Cruz will play an important role at the event.

Finally, Luntz said that Trump needs to put forth one big idea, to create one "Wow!" moment.

"Trump has to say something that the public walks away saying 'I want that.' That's the key moment of his convention speech," Luntz said. "It's that one idea that the American people say, 'You know what, he can do it. She can't. That's why I'm voting for him.'"

Watch more from Luntz above.

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