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Former New Jersey police detective Steve Rogers joined Martha MacCallum this afternoon to react to the police shooting in Baton Rouge and how it could affect this week's Republican National Convention.

Rogers said now is the time for the government to support law enforcement, calling for Ohio Gov. John Kasich and other leaders to ban open carry during the convention in Cleveland in the wake of this horrible attack.

"We need leaders to stand up and to, please, make the right decision," Rogers said, explaining that adding guns to an already tense situation with protesters at the convention is a bad idea.

He acknowledged that he's a member of the NRA and a "gun guy," but he also believes in common sense.

"You don't bring your gun to a volatile situation like that, because it could become [the] Wild West," Rogers said. "We're looking out to save the lives of police officers, and we need our leaders in this country to have the sheer guts to stop being politically correct, don't worry about special interest groups, worry about the defenders."

Rogers added that he would also like to see President Obama come out and voice his support of police.

He explained that police departments need to have better funding and access to tactical and military equipment, in order to keep themselves safe.

"When you see that type of equipment, that'll run a chill up and down your spine," Rogers said. "Put military troops out on the streets and see what happens. That violence is going to be really diminished."

"Not to make it political, but Donald Trump has said it all: You've got to be strong, you've got to be tough and you got to well-equipped, so that no one dare monkeys with us."

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