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Last night on "Fox News Reporting - Takeover - The Trump Convention," Bret Baier took a look at the all-important Republican National Convention, the key players and the man himself, Donald Trump.

In an exclusive interview, Trump said he's not concerned about establishment Republicans pulling an end-around at the convention to deny him the GOP presidential nomination.

"Can't happen," Trump said of the #NeverTrump movement. "The alternative's Hillary Clinton, super-liberal judges, our country becomes Venezuela."

Trump said he is committed to using the convention to unite the many different ideologies in the Republican Party, especially social conservatives.

"We're doing something for the evangelicals, which is incredible. They keep getting threatened [with], 'We're going to take away your tax-exempt status,'" Trump said. "We're going to do something to help the evangelicals, the Christians. We're going to give them their voice back."

Baier asked Trump about his "Make America Great Again" slogan and when he thought America was great.

"I thought Ronald Reagan ... was a cheerleader in a very elegant way. I thought that was, in many ways, a great time," Trump said. "I would say that Ronald Reagan was special. He was special. That was a time I felt we felt good about ourselves."

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