Krauthammer: Obama's Reliance on Diplomacy Is 'Almost Pathetic'

Peters Slams Obama for Siding With 'Islamist Authoritarian' in Turkey Coup

Dozens were killed and hundreds were wounded as members of the Turkish military staged a coup to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan declared he is in control of the country early Saturday after a chaotic night of explosions, air battles and gunfire.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning, Sebastian Gorka said it's been somewhat surprising to be President Obama and many of our allies declare their support for Erdogan.

Gorka explained Erdogan is soley to blame this attempted coup, as his rule has become increasingly authoritarian, with a government shake-up and a crackdown on dissidents and opposition media.

"He's taken one of the most successful Muslim nations of the 20th century and turned it - or tried to turn it - into a fundamentalist state," Gorka said.

He added that Erdogan has taking control in ways that were undemocratic, not to mention facilitating the rise of ISIS in Syria.

Why is the U.S. on the side of an "Islamist autocrat?" Tucker Carlson asked.

Gorka said that when given the choice between the right thing and the wrong thing, the Obama administration has chosen the wrong thing ten out of ten times.

"Whether you look at Russia, Syria, Libya, Iran, the track record of this administration - President Obama, Hillary Clinton - has always been 'go with the people you shouldn't be supporting, and diss and ignore our friends and our allies.'"

"That's why the world is in chaos today."

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