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In a wide-ranging, exclusive interview with Hannity, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence discussed joining Donald Trump's campaign to be his running mate.

"It's such an important time in the life of our nation, and this man is the right leader for America that I stepped up without hesitation," Pence said.

The Indiana governor and former congressman said Trump is the "people's choice" and he "believes in the collective wisdom of the American people."

He said that the reason Trump was able to emerge the winner of the Republican primary was because of his Reagan-like powers of perception.

"Donald Trump understands the anxiety and the aspiration of the American people like no leader since Reagan, and he's given voice to that, and people have rallied around him and I believe will continue to rally around him, and I expect next week at our convention you're going to see our party and leaders in our party rally around this good man who will be a great president of the United States."

Watch more above, plus Pence on Trump's immigration policies below.

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