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Charles Krauthammer said that President Obama's rhetoric in response to the Nice terror attack was "completely wrong."

President Obama told the Diplomatic Corps Reception today that "in contrast to these terrorists, we will win this fight by building -- never giving up on diplomacy."

Krauthammer said that the president just repeated the same thing he'd been saying for the past 7 and a half years, "which has yielded us the worst outbreak of terrorism that we have seen."

He said that Obama's turning to diplomacy is "almost pathetic, because he doesn't seem to be able to articulate any other answer."

"The idea that our diplomacy is solving this, has simply been shown to be false."

Earlier, The Kelly File ran a clip of President Ronald Reagan addressing the nation on April 14, 1986 to announce that the U.S. military was launching airstrikes against Libya.

"Those Reagan remarks just make you feel something," Megyn Kelly said. "They make you feel, among other things, that he got it. He got it."

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