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Police: 2 Men Fell from a Cliff While Trying to Catch Pokemon

An officer in Arkansas is using social media to show folks his special brand of community policing, and hundreds of thousands of people are taking note.

Officer Tommy Norman posts photos and videos of his daily interactions with people in the North Little Rock community he serves.

This has included dancing to popular songs...

...running races...

...filming funny skits involving stolen Pop-Tarts, and much more.

Norman uses the hashtags #CommunityPolicing and #StayCommitted in each of his posts. The officer says he wants to change the world through his approach.

A GoFundMe campaign was even set up by the son of the rapper The Game "to help Officer Norman continue his mission strengthening the community," through purchasing snacks, toys and other goods to distribute to kids and members of the community.

It has so far raised just shy of $70,000!

The rapper praised the officer on Instagram, starting by saying "Never in my life thought I'd be raising money on behalf of a police officer..."

Norman told Shepard Smith today the goal of his NLR police department is to reach kids at an early age so they learn that cops are your friends, not your enemy.

"You can't miss a day. Whether you're on duty or off duty, go out and be a part of that family."

He said that when trust and respect are established, people will see kids running toward patrol cars, instead of away from them.

His message for other officers: Don't give up.  

"Maybe initially, the community may not accept you the way you want to be accepted, but don't give up. Every day go out there and prove to that community that you're there to stay. Don't give up on them and they won't give up on you."

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